Pro Staff

Cory T. Knight

Florida Hog Ninja Hunter

I am originally from New Jersey but my family moved to the Sunshine state when I was seven. I enjoy long walks on the beach and I am basically writing this to see if anyone actually reads this profile. By the way, I will be placing these linguistic gems in this profile and thorough this site for my enjoyment as well as yours.  



Orlando "Orly" Paz

Hunter/ Videographer / Guide

I discovered my passion for the outdoors at the age of 10 in upstate NewYork. My father was an avid hunter and started taking me to the woods around that time. At 12 years old I was already harvesting deer in the Adirondack mountains with pops.


Leon Rucker

Passion for the outdoors / Hunting Guide / Trapper

I was born in October of 1985 in Augusta, GA. and raised in Midville, GA until the age of six.  My love of the outdoors began in GA where my family introduced me to fishing, trapping, hunting, and agriculture.  Summertime would afford my family the opportunity to pick watermelons, squash, collard, turnips, tomatoes, peas, and okra.   When my family moved to South Florida when I was six, my passion for hunting and fishing continued to grow.


Manny Puig

Conservation & Outdoor Passion


Manny was born in Cuba and came to America when he was very young. Coming to America with his mother and his 3 sisters, Manny separated himself at a very young age.
With heroes like Tarzan, Manny's passion took him out of everyday life and into the swamps and the ocean. Even as a young man, Manny was attempting and doing things that the world had never before heard of. As the son of an Olympic medalist for the Cuban rowing team, Manny won the state championship in weight lifting when he was in high school.


Captain Kirk Osborne

Large Mouth Bass

I have been fishing Lake Okeechobee and almost every canal in South and Central Florida for over twenty years.  As a tournament fisherman and staff at Bass Pro Shops, I love to share my passion for the outdoors with customers and friends alike. I have a fishing club call Bass Hawgs that has been competing for many years.



Jason "J" Bates

If it moves and I can eat it...

Aside from watching sunsets on a stormy beach, my true passions are hunting and fishing. Currently, I work full time in a personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm. However, whenever the opportunity arises, I spend my time out on the water fishing or in the thicket hunting. 


Arialle Gray

Hunting & Conservation Passion

Hey ya’ll I am Arialle Gray!! I was born and raised on a horse and cattle ranch in Dixie County. My life has always consisted of the outdoors, from showing cattle to spending the night around a bonfire with great friends! I am just a small town southern girl. 


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