Pro Staff

Arialle Gray

Hunting & Conservation Passion

Hunting is our way of life and who we are. My passion for hunting did not grow until I met my husband Clayton who was my high school sweetheart. He has taught me everything I know about hunting from looking for tracks to being able to tie a hog. Our first hunt we ever went on together was during rifle season on the marsh in the Gulf of Mexico! We took the boat out and set up camp! I loved every minute of it, I killed four hogs in one day on a spot and stalk hunt! A couple that hunts together, stays together! My life revolves around anything outdoors whether its hunting, fishing, checking game cameras, making food plots or just riding through the woods. I am proud to say I can kill, clean and cook my own meals. I also am a member and huge supporter of the NRA and our 2nd Amendment! I love meeting new people that share the same passions as I do! 

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