Animal Field Care

After hunting with Chasin Bacon, you need to properly preserve your trophy for the best taxidermy outcome. Below are some tips and guidelines for you to follow so your tophy looks amazing when our taxidermist is finished with your trophy.

Field Care for the best taxidermy outcome:

Taxidermy tips are very important to follow in order to keep your mount in its best possible shape before bringing it to the Taxidermist. With proper care and knowledge you will know what NOT to do when you're out in the field.

Choosing a Taxidermist

Choosing a Taxidermist is your first step in the planning process. Skins and Scales Taxidermy welcomes you to visit our shop location or consult with us about procedures, prices, delivery, preferences and more. We would like to be your Taxidermist on your next hunt.

Do's and Dont's

When in the field there are Do's and Dont's when bringing a trophy into the Taxidermist.

Do not cut an animal's throat as it is difficult to repair and causes other messy situations that can be avoided.

Never do anything that may cause the hair on the animal to be damaged. Proper handling using a cart or buggy when moving the animal across the terrain will ensure your mount will not be damaged. Never drag the animal or tie a rope around its neck.

For a full shoulder mount you will want to avoid head, neck and shoulder shots.

For Fish mounts examine the fish for damage, keep alive or very cold. Do not gut the fish or set anything on it that may damage the scales. Freeze if you can't get the fish in to us right away.

Small game birds should not be cut or skinned. Remove any blood and keep them clean, cool and dry. Do not use a plastic bag. Wrap in burlap, newspaper or paper bag.

If possible freeze your bird until you can take it in to us.

Skinning a full body mount or gutting small mammals should only be preformed by an experience individual. Please contact us for further details and instructions.

A professional Taxidermist can make repairs on most anything, but some things are very difficult to fix. The quality of your prize mount is in the hands of the hunter.

For more detailed information on field care

please contact us.

How to care for your Trophy

We all know how difficult it is to keep our home free from dust so let's go over a few procedures in the maintenance of your trophy so you can show it off with pride. Keeping your trophy away from direct sunlight and heat from a fireplace is a good start. Never hang a mount outside where it is exposed to the change in weather temperatures or moisture.


Sometimes Bird feathers get bent or turned up so dampen a small comb or brush and gently comb feathers in the proper direction. A feather duster works well on light layered dust, but take care to feather dust in the direction the feathers lay.


Fish are not easy to clean as they are very fragile. An air compressor set to a light pressure or a can of compressed air that you buy at an office supply store will take off some of the dust. Avoid getting too close to the fins. Make sure you shake the can very good before using.

Large Mounts

For larger mounts like Lions and Bears, use your vacuum cleaner hose with a small brush attachment and vacuum the hair in the direction the coat lays only. Do not apply pressure and vacuum the brush as needed. Then take a soft static rag like the ones you use on your car and spray with furniture polish and wipe down your mount in the direction the coat lays. Turn towel and respray again repeating the process. Never spray furniture polish directly on mount. You may also use a lightly dampened cloth for this process.

Antlers and Horns

You may also use this polish on antlers but NEVER on horns of African mammals. They tend to discolor. Use a clean white damp towel. Some antlers have ridges and are a bit spiky so take care in wiping them. Vacuuming them may be an easier solution.


For eyes you may spray a little window cleaner on a small paint brush or ear swab and gently wipe the eyes free from dust.


To clean the inside mouth of an alligator or other open mouthed creature, you can use the air spray again that we spoke about remembering to shake well before use.

Household pets would love to get their mouths around your ducks beak and children are intrigued so proper placement of your mount is important. Take care around placing your grizzly rug as they become places for pets to lay, potty or chew on.

If you detect any signs of insect in the hair of your mount Do Not spray insecticide as it will ruin your trophy.

Please contact us for proper animal care after your amazing hunt with Chasin Bacon.





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