Hoyt bows designed for hog, boar, deer, elk , bear and exotic hunting


Hoyt Compound Hunting Bows


There’s a reason why Hoyt bows are the best-shooting, most dependable, most innovative bows on the market: Our engineers are always working to make the best bows even better. They design every part of our bows and accessories to out-last and out-perform everything else out there. You simply won’t find a more advanced, high-tech mix of technologies on any other bow.
The original carbon bow that started it all gets a serious performance overhaul. Unlike any other 35" axle-to-axle bow, Hoyt's exclusive, Advanced Carbon Technology riser system gives you the stability and other benefits of a longer riser without excess weight. The 325 FPS Carbon Matrix RKT boasts a new, high-performance engine – the supercharged RKT cam with ErgoDraw™ Technology – delivering incredible smoothness and blistering speed. Of course, we didn't stop there. The Carbon Matrix RKT also comes fully equipped with our new Pro Lock X-Lite™ Pocket, our exclusive 5-Layer Lamination Technology XTS PRO ARC limbs, the improved, low-friction Inner Race Bearing In-Line Roller Guard (patent pending) and patented Stealth Shot Suppression System. Carbon Matrix RKT is the ideal, 35" high-performance bow for serious bowhunters and the most demanding target archers.
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