John Waterhouse / Mentor

Blame – Who do I blame for igniting the archery passion, the blame lies with John Waterhouse and Jason Williams.  First let me rant about John.

When I made the decision to learn how to shoot a compound bow and to take my first animal within a year after I was confident in my skills I asked every “archery expert” I came across two questions: who is the best person to build the bow and who is the best person to teach me? Two names came up time and time again they were John Waterhouse and Jason Williams respectively.

John Waterhouse has been involved in archery since the late 80's. When I was introduced to John he was working as the Archery guru at Jets Florida Outdoors in Miami. I called his shop and told him what I was looking for, however John began to interview me and refused to sell me a bow until I was fit for it and I answered his many questions.  Wanting to simply purchase the bow and eager to begin I was taken back when John told me that if I wanted to purchase a bow from him, I would need to go to Miami and meet him. I begrudgingly went to Miami and met John wherein I felt like I was being interviewed by a team of physicians, hunters and archery experts all in one. After many questions and answers, John indeed was everything I was told and more. He took my history and lack of experience and fit me for the bow that was perfect for me.  John without knowing it became one of my archery mentors and has shown me what is required to be an ethical archer.

John is familiar with many of the top brands of bows including Hoyt USA and Mathew’s Archery. We have PSE Archery, Martin Archery, Alpine Archery, High Country Archery and more. Some of the top brands in accuracy are the new AXT Archery, G5 Outdoors, Truglo, Scott Archery, Beman Arrows, Rage Broadheads and many other archery and hunting products.

John has been there as a helping guide, easy ear and a valued expert to gain insight into the industry. His years of knowledge are irreplaceable and a relationship I value. If you need any archery product from competitive archery to bow hunting, you would be best served to contact John and do whatever it takes to listen and absorb his wealth of knowledge. John can be found at his shop Archery Best Edge or you can call him at (786) 266-8413.

Thank you John for your leadership, knowledge and mentorship.





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