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Florid Hog Hunting Naples

Naples Hog Hunting

In Florida we can provide you with an opportunity on meat hogs to monster trophy boars. No matter what your preferene albeit high fence on thousands of acres or spot and stalk on more land than you can see we can get you on a Florida boar.  We offer a guaranteed opporunity on a hog in Florida.  We have locations in Naples, Clewiston, Jacksonville, Okeechobee and other stealth locations.



Senora Mexico Deer Hunting

Trophy Deer Hunting

Senora Mexico Monster Deer Hunting:


Florida Alligator Hunting

Finna Get Some Tail

Information about gators


Okeechobee Hog Slayin

Meat & Trophy Hogs


Where you can hunt year round on 1000 acres for wild boar.There are swamp buggy hunts,stand/still hunts and stalking opportunities.Archery hunting or Gun hunting both are welcome.
Hunts range from 1/2 day to full day or longer. Lodging and meals are available. Half day and full day fishing trips are now available to incorporate into your hunt. Processing of game and taxidermy are available. We specialize in catering to children/family hunts


Oscola Turkey Hunting

Florida Oscola Turkey Hunting 100% success

Chasin Bacon Offers a GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY at a TROPHY OSCEOLA TURKEY in the South Florida Everglades!

Although Chasin Bacon is a relatively new operation, our Chasin Bacon approved guides and outfitters have been professionally guiding since the mid 1980's and many are South Florida natives that have been hunting and fishing their entire lives.

We love to take new hunters, hunters with disabilities, wounded warriors and able bodies hunters in the field for a spot and stalk hunt, tree stand hunt, buggy hunt, golf cart hunt or stationary hunt from a pre set station - we have many options for you.

We currently operate on numerous large private ranches located in Collier and Hendry Counties in South Florida. These properties consist of more than 25,000 acres in total. We maintain an extensive management program year round for our turkeys, which includes mowing, prescribed burning and disking. We also have a large feeding program, which includes food plots, and supplemental feeding with automatic solar powered feeders and free choice feeders.

We have an excellent population of Osceola turkeys consisting of dozens of different family flocks totaling several hundred birds on some of the most pristine turkey habitat in Florida as well as a relaxing environment for you to enjoy your adventure. Clewiston and Okeechobee turkey hunting is available as well.


Florida Duck Hunting

Welcome to Chasin Bacon's  duck hunting page.  We currently offer Alligator, Wild Boar, Osceola Turkey, Duck and Dove hunts.

Our guides are mostly natives of South Florida and has hunted and fished in South Florida for over 30 years. We currently handle over a thousand hunter's a year for all of our hunts combined.

Our operations are conducted on several private ranches and wetlands located in Hendry County, Florida. These properties and wetlands consist of several thousand acres.

We offer duck hunting on both private wetlands as well as public waters which include Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Everglades.




These hunts are conducted on private marshes ranging in size from 200 acres or more to small ponds of 50 acres. The planted areas total approximately 450 acres which are divided into two separate areas hunted on Saturdays and Sundays.

These areas are managed for waterfowl. We have Japanese Millet, Chufas, Rice and Mud Plantains as well as Smartweed and Walter's Millet planted in these areas (pictured to the upper right) which we flood during the duck season. Hydrilla and Coontail are utilized for aquatics in the deeper water areas. The areas have their own water control structures and pumps for water control.

We have a hunter minimum of two persons and can arrange hunts for groups as large as twenty-four persons. Our hunts are out of pre-existing blinds over decoys. We have dozens of blinds located in excellent areas which we rotate the shooting pressure. Our goal is not to shoot a blind more than once per-week.

We have blinds located on dry ground utilizing a series of dike systems in which the hunters can walk a dry dike (escorted by a guide) to their designated blind. One of these blinds are pictured right with a few ducks nearby. These blinds are permanent blinds with cane grown in place for cover. They have chairs and decoys located in each blind and most are set up for two to four hunters.

We also have blinds located on small islands in deeper water pictured below. We place hunters in these blinds utilizing a go-devil boat. These blinds are dry blinds as well. These blinds are permanent blinds with cane grown in place for cover. They have chairs and decoys located in each blind and most are set up for two to four hunters as well.

These hunts are generally EXCELLENT duck hunts. We have had shooters limit on birds from these blinds in thirty minutes. We generally have a large concentration of ducks on our areas like the Black-Bellied Whistlers pictured to the right. 

On our private lands hunts, we charge $200.00 per-person per hunt, two-person minimum. Hunters will need at least hip boots but plan on waders especially during the colder dates.

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Our public water hunts are conducted from airboats utilizing phantom layout boats. These hunts are for parties of three only. Our boat holds three clients and three layout boats and all necessary equipment very comfortably.

Our Airboat is a 2004 18' Hamant. It has seating for four adults including the driver. It has a 550 horsepower, 454 cubic inch big block Chevrolet engine with a stinger gearbox with a 82 inch three blade maximus thruster propeller. It has a 40 gallon fuel tank, stainless engine cage, polymer bottom, four trolling batteries with dual lenco trolling motors with remote handheld controls, three storage lockers, two independent live wells, brush guard, non-skid inside finish, AM/FM CD stereo, Garman chart plotter/GPS, VHF radio, and all required US Coast Guard equipment.


On our public water hunts, we charge $250.00 per-person for a party of two and $200.00 per-person for a party of three. Two-person minimum, Three-person maximum.

We conduct our public water hunts on Lake Okeechobee as well as in the Florida Everglades. These hunts are generally pre-scouted and GPS located prior to the hunt.

Our hunts are guided hunts. We are NOT like other (cheaper) guide services that take you out in lake Okeechobee and drops you off. This hunt includes decoys, spinner decoys, guide, airboat, chairs or layout boats and any equipment necessary for that days hunt.

Clients will require all personal equipment such as waders, firearms and ammo.

Season dates are generally for early teal the last week of September and the general season starts the weekend before thanksgiving and ends late January


We realize that all duck hunters are not the same. Some hunters like pre-built blinds some don't. Some hunters won't hunt out of anything but a layout boat while others won't get in them. We strive to accommodate all duck hunters regardless of their interests.

Our public water hunts can also be combined with snipe hunting for a full-day hunt. These hunts can arranged as a morning duck and afternoon snipe or morning snipe and afternoon duck. On our full-day combination a shore lunch will be provided.

The cost for this package is 350.00 per-person for a party of two and $300.00 per-person for a party of three. Two-person minimum, Three-person maximum.




Wild Chase Florida Boar Hunting


Information about Free Chase Wild Boar/Hog Hunting:



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Missouri Deer Hunting

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Missouri hunting:



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